1/8 Inch (3.175mm) Tungsten Carbide Ball

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This is a 1/8 inches diameter Tungsten Carbide ball. It is a high precision Grade of G10 and Hardness Rockwell A (HRA) of 93. These balls were made to 1 micrometer precision, hence make rotation in machines incredibly smooth.

Tungsten carbide balls are widely used for differentials. Other common applications include valves, flow meters, recirculating ball screws and pivots. Tungsten carbide material is the perfect choice for extreme hardness, extreme wear resistance, abrasion, hard shocks and impacts applications.


Ball Diameter (D): 3.175 mm
Ball Diameter (D): 1/8 inch
Material: YG6 Tungsten Carbide
Hardness: HRA93
Ball Grade: G10

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