Thin Section Ball Bearing (KA045CP0) 114.30x127x6.35 mm

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A thin section ball bearing is a type of precision ball bearing specifically designed for applications where space is limited and a thin, compact design is required.

Thin section ball bearings are commonly used in various industries, including robotics, aerospace, medical devices, and industrial machinery. Their thin profile allows for compact designs and can save space in applications where regular ball bearings might be too bulky.

Example of applications are aerospace, radar and microwave devices, precision robot joint, battery array drive of solar power, guidance system, food processing plants, glass production equipment and rotary worktable, packing equipments, optical scanning devices, satellite communications equipment, textile machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, robotics, medical devices, automation and machinery, defense, instrumentation, material handling, packaging machinery, solar tracking systems and textile machinery.


Bearing Model: KA045CP0
Also Known As: KA045CPO
Inner Diameter (d): 114.30 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 127 mm
Width (B): 6.35 mm
Inner Diameter (d): 4.50 inch
Outer Diameter (D): 5.00 inch
Width (B): 0.25 inch

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