LMF60UU Square Flanged Linear Bearing

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This is a LMF60UU Round Flanged Linear Bearing to suit 60mm shafts.

Its inner diameter is 60mm, its outer diameter is 90mm, and its length is 110mm. The round flanged diameter is 134mm. It's Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is 112mm.


Bearing Model: LMF60UU
Inner Diameter (d): 60 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 90 mm
Length (L): 110 mm
Flange Diameter (Df): 134 mm
Dp: 112 mm
t: 18 mm
X: 11 mm
Y: 17.5 mm
Z: 11.1 mm
Dynamic Loading (CN): 470 kg/m
Static Loading (CoN): 1000 kg/m