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LMEK50UU Square Flanged Linear Bearing

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This is a LMEK50UU Square Flanged Linear Bearing to suit 50mm shafts.

Its inner diameter is 50mm, its outer diameter is 75mm, and its length is 100mm. Square flanged length is 88mm x 88mm. It's Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is 94mm.


Bearing Model: LMEK50UU
Inner Diameter (d): 50 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 75 mm
Length (L): 100 mm
K: 88 mm
Dp: 94 mm
t: 13 mm
X: 9 mm
Y: 14 mm
Z: 8.1 mm
Dynamic Loading (CN): 389.531593357569 kg/m
Static Loading (CoN): 809.654673104475 kg/m

NZ $59.00 each

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