Bronze bushing flanged 16x22x12 (SHFZ 16-15) Copper Sleeve Bushing Oil-Free

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Copper sleeve bushings, also known as copper bushings or copper bearings, are components used in various mechanical applications to provide rotational or linear motion between two parts while reducing friction and wear.

This bushing offers good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. Its primary function is to reduce friction and wear between moving parts and help to support and align rotation or sliding shafts.

Application includes automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, machinery, pumps and bearings.


Bearing Model: SHFZ 16-15
Also Known As: OFG31 bushing, bush bearing, copper cast bushing flange type, sleeve bearing
Type: Flanged Type
Inner Diameter (d): 16 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 22 mm
Length (L): 15 mm
Thickness (h): 3 mm
Flange Diameter (Df): 29 mm
Flange Thickness (Cz): 3 mm

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