5x14x6 Spherical Plain Bearing

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This is a spherical bearing that has inner diameter of 5mm, outer diameter of 14mm, and thickness of 6mm. The thickness of the outer ring is 4mm.

Spherical plain bearings are ideal for applications requiring oscillating or rotational motion, such as industrial machinery, automotive suspension systems, and aerospace mechanisms. Their design accommodates radial and axial loads, ensuring reliable performance under heavy-duty conditions. With reduced friction and wear, these bearings offer extended service life and enhanced efficiency, making them indispensable for critical machinery operations.


Bearing Model: GE5C
Also Known As: GE5UK
Type: Spherical plain bearing with two seals
Inner Diameter (d): 5 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 14 mm
Width (B): 6 mm
C: 4 mm
d1: 7 mm
Permit of Angle (a): 13

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