3/8 x 7/8 x 9/32 inch (SR6-ZZ) Inch Bearing

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This 3/8 x 7/8 x 9/32 inch (SR6-ZZ) bearing is an imperial deep groove ball bearing. The SR6-ZZ inner diameter is 3/8 in (9.525 mm), the SR6-ZZ outer diameter is 3/8 inch (22.225 mm), the SR6-ZZ width is 9/32 in (7.137 mm).


Inner Diameter (d): 3/8 inch
Outer Diameter (D): 7/8 inch
Width (B): 9/32 inch
Inner Diameter (d): 9.525 mm
Outer Diameter (D): 22.225 mm
Width (B): 7.137 mm
Bearing Model: SR6-ZZ
Also Known As: R6-ZZ stainless, 9.5x22.2x7.1
Material: 440C Stainless
Closures: Sealed Both Sides

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