16x22x19 mm (JDB162219) Graphite Brass Bushing

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This JDB162219 graphite bushing fits well with a shaft diameter of 16 mm, this JDB162219 graphite bushing has an outside diemater of 22 mm and the overall length is 19 mm.

In general, graphite bushing provides a maintenance-free bearing solution. This type of bearing is great for high load low speed and/or with intermittent of oscillating motion applications. It is particularly popular for applications where maintenance is difficult and where normal grease and oil based lubricants can burn off due to high temperatures.

Common applications include automotive products line, water engineering, dam gate, plastic industries etc.


Bearing Model: JDB162219
Also Known As: JDB1622, MPBZ1622, MPBZ16
To Fit Shaft (dF7): 16 mm
Shaft Tolerances: +0.034/ +0.016 mm
Outside Diameter (Dm6): 22 mm
OutsideDiameter Tolerances: +0.021/ +0.008 mm
Length (L): 19 mm
Mating Housing Diameter (H7): 19 mm
Mating Housing Tolerance: +0.018/ +0 mm