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What is a lazy susan bearing?

A lazy Susan bearing is a type of rotating mechanism that allows a circular tray or platform to rotate smoothly and effortlessly. This bearing is also known as turnable bearings or slewing bearings.

It is commonly used in various applications to enable easy access to items placed on the tray. The name "lazy Susan" is believed to have originated from the American slang term "lazy Susan," which was used to describe a device that made serving food more convenient by rotating it around a table.

The lazy Susan bearing consists of two circular plates, one attached to the bottom of the rotating platform and the other fixed to the base or support structure. These plates have ball bearings or roller bearings between them, which reduces friction and enables smooth rotation.

The design of a lazy Susan bearing allows the platform to rotate 360 degrees, making it ideal for use in kitchen cabinets, dining tables, display cases, spice racks, and other furniture or organizational systems where easy access and rotation are desired.

Lazy Susan bearings are available in various sizes and materials, such as metal, plastic, or ball bearings enclosed in a housing. The choice of bearing depends on the specific application and load-bearing requirements.

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